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The Three Stages of Alzheimer’s Everybody Should Know About

The Three Stages of Alzheimer’s Everybody Should Know About

Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States, killing 1 out of every 3 people diagnosed with the condition.

Its symptoms can worsen over time; thus, primary caregivers or Home Health Aides need to recognize the stages to help delay the progress of this disease.

These are the three stages of Alzheimer’s and their corresponding difficulties:

  1. Early-Stage Alzheimer’s (MILD)

    At this stage, patients might have a hard time:

    • Coming up with the right word or name for something
    • Remembering people’s names
    • Having difficulty achieving tasks in social/work settings
    • Forgetting things they just saw/read
    • Losing/misplacing valuable objects and possessions
  2. Middle-Stage Alzheimer’s (MODERATE)

    During this stage, dementia symptoms may be clearer and more pronounced, thus patient might:

    • Confuse words
    • Get easily frustrated/angry
    • Act in unusual and unexpected ways
    • Feeling moody or withdrawn
  3. Late-Stage Alzheimer’s (SEVERE)

    Here, the patient loses the ability to:

    • Respond to their environment
    • Carry on a conversation
    • Control their movement

It may be difficult to pinpoint exactly at what stage a patient is on, so it’s best to get assistance from an experienced Home Care Agency in Florida.

BEST PATIENT CARE SERVICES, LLC provides help for family members who have taken on the responsibility of supporting a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s through reliable, professional Home Care Services in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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